Natural Hair Conditioner (Honey Bee + Water)

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  • 3 or 4 cups of hot water
  • 1 tbsp honey

What to do?
Honey is considered an excellent conditioner. Dissolve a tablespoon full in 3 or 4 cups of hot water. When dissolved, pour it over your freshly washed hair. Drain excessive moisture, but do not rinse your hair. Use a towel to dry it and then comb as you usually do. Honey will help you to smooth and add glow to your hair.
Reproduced from: Para todo tipo de cabellos. Colección Mil ideas. Editorial de La Mujer. 2012. La Habana. Cuba.  ISBN: 978-959-7217-49-7


Ordering ideas: Equivalence (rustic measures)

Looking for some details for a post I will publish later I found this information on the Cuban blog that I find very useful in order to clarify some of the terms I will often use. I share with you my discovery.
Equivalence (rustic measures)
1 bunch = what fits in the hand
1 bunch = 50 grams
1 bunch = 1 cup of the minced plant
1 bunch = 2 ½ to 3 tablespoonfuls
1 tablespoonful = from 15 to 20 grams
1 teaspoonful = 10 grams
1 liter = 1 000 milliliters
1 bottle = 750 milliliters
A cup or a glass = 120 milliliters

All mixed: El yerberito (Music+Natural Recipies) the Cuban style

We Cubans mix and sing everything. Music is part of our traditions and a natural antidote against stress too.  It has also been a tool to preserve that part of human knowledge treasured by people’s wisdom.

This song I’m posting here is kind of a list of therapeutical properties of certain herbs you can find in Cuba.

Natural Face Scrub (Honey Bee + Brown Sugar)

Natural Scrub Face (Honey Bee + Brown Sugar)

Natural Scrub Face (Honey Bee + Brown Sugar)


½  cup – Honey bee
1 tsp – Brown Sugar

Mix both ingredients until provide a homogeneous mixture.

What to do?
Use your fingers to spread this mixture all over your previously washed face. Gently rub your face for one or two minutes. Keep the mask applied for 5-10 minutes. Remove with water.

You can also use this mask for your body.

My very first post… or HAPPY BRITHDAY ELENA!

Elena and I in India.

Elena and I in India.

This is an old debt with a friend… That friend as you can imagine is named Elena… and of course today is her birthday. It’s been two years since she advice me to open a blog about natural recipes for health and beauty… not because I am an expert about that subject but because I really know many recipes that my family and friends taught me … sometimes it occurs to me that they may be recorded in my genetic code…

Anyway I truly believe that this is a good way to go deeper in the Cuban Culture and the popular knowledge of my country…

So…  to Cuba and the Cuban people, to Elena, to Marisol (my Biology Teacher and also mother of my friend Yoena), specially to my Mom who adore natural recipes, to the rest of my family and friends, and of course to all of you who I expect will read this blog…

here you have my very first post.

Mi primer post… o Feliz cumpleaños Elena!

Mi amiga Elena y yo en India

Mi amiga Elena y yo en India

Esta es una deuda que tengo hace tiempo con una gran amiga… Mi amiga como podrán imaginar se llama Elena y hoy está de cumpleaños por lo que he decidió hacernos este regalo. Han pasado dos años desde que ella me aconsejara abrir un blog de recetas naturales para la salud y la belleza. La razón por supuesto no es que yo sea una experta en estos temas pero la realidad es que si conozco unas cuantas recetas que nos podrían resultar útiles, las he aprendido en gran medida de mi familia y amigos… algunas veces pienso que están grabadas en mi código genético.

De todas formas yo pienso que esta sería una buena forma de profundizar en la cultura cubana y la sabiduría popular de mi país.

Para Cuba y su pueblo, para Elena, para Marisol (mi profesora de Biología de la Secundaria y madre de mi amiga Yoena), muy especialmente para mi mamá a quien le encanta todo lo que tenga que ver con las recetas naturales, para mi familia y amigos en general … y por supuesto para todos ustedes que espero se lean este blog,

Aquí tienen Mi primer post…